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Vegetarian Diet or Meat: Which Is Better?

vegetarian diet

For many centuries, people have developed taboos against eating habits across different cultures. The most controversial food belief observes the consumption of meat and animal products against the vegetarian diet. Cultures highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the consumption of both animals and plants. Many cultures support the vegetarian diet based on health issues. However, the greatest influence of this vies is normally influenced by religion. For instance, while Hinduism considers the consumption of animals and their products unclean, Christianity and Islam select an array of clean and unclean animals to consume and avoid respectively. Humans consume different animals and their products. The type of animal and their products to consume is usually debatable.

Why should you choose to be a vegetarian

Generally, health specialists have noted that the consumption the vegetarian diet is healthier than the consumption of animals products due to the evolutionary genetic compositions that shapes what the human body needs most for sustenance.

Many cultures and religion, including the modern medical research, find flaws in the consumption of animals. They support the vegetarian diet, which they remark as health. Personally, due to the presented facts and experience, the vegetarian diet is healthy.
Fat and cholesterol, which are mainly available in large quantities in animal flesh and products, are unhealthy since they cause heart disease. Additionally, animals are closer to humans in the evolutionary scale and, therefore, share diseases. Eating animals would promote the transfer of these diseases such as anthrax that affect cows.

Even though consumption of animals is unhealthy, there are crucial nutrients that are available in recommended quantities only in animals. For instance, the white meat in fish and chicken are highly rich in nutrients. Besides, products like eggs are richest in proteins and important minerals. Humans should reduce the consumption of animals rather than completely avoid enhancing utmost health benefits.

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