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What Is the 3-Day Military Diet and Is It Safe?

what is the 3-day military diet

What is the 3-day military diet and why is it popular? Have you considered using it to lose weight? This article will answer some questions you might have about this dieting fad.

• What Is the 3-Day Military Diet Exactly?

This is a dieting plan. The basic idea is to decrease your calorie consumption.

• What Can You Eat If You Decide to Try This Diet?

The 3-day military diet doesn’t involve any supplements. Instead, you can eat a balanced collection of foods. This includes most fruits, whole-wheat bread, coffee, and tea.

Additionally, you should consume meat and fish. But there is also a vegetarian version of this diet.

• How Will You Lose Weight?

While you’re on this diet, you shouldn’t consume any milk or sugar. Artificial sweeteners are forbidden too. You also need to keep away from some fruits and fruit juices.

However, portion control is the most important part of this diet. That means eating between 1,100 and 1,500 calories a day.

• So Why Is It Popular?

The 3-day military diet is considered to be a fast-acting weight loss solution. After all, it lets you lose a great amount of weight very quickly. So it’s easy to see why people want to try it.

• But Is It Safe?

According to professionals, this diet isn’t safe or efficient. While it can help you lose weight in the short term, you will likely regain it soon after. The low calorie count can also lead to health problems, especially in older people.

• Do They Use This Diet in the Military?

No, they do not. Experts say that balanced nutrition is important in the military. Unfortunately, this diet doesn’t cover anyone’s nutritional needs.

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