Three Great Mid-Morning Snack Ideas


Out of ideas what to serve for your mid-morning snack? You may always have the best of intentions to eat healthy but when the clock strikes 10:30 am and the vending machine is right around the corner, does it win out?

By figuring out some smart mid-morning snacks to consume and then packing them ahead of time, you can get around this.

Here are three to consider.

Yogurt With Berries And Nuts

Choose a plain, low sugar yogurt variety and top that with a small handful of nuts and fresh berries. You’ll be taking in a good dose of protein, healthy fats, as well as fiber, along with a wide array of antioxidants.

Best of all, the yogurt will supply you with some probiotics as well.

Celery With Nut Butter

If you’re using a lower carb diet, some celery with nut butter is a perfect solution. Nut butter, be it peanut or almond butter is a fantastic source of long lasting energy that will release slowly in the body.

Then the carrot sticks provide some added water and fiber to your day without adding hardly any extra calories.

The result?

A great snack for helping you get and stay lean.

Canned Tuna And Carrot Sticks

Finally, keep some canned pop-top tuna in your desk at work. Then all you need to pack is a few veggie sticks and you have a ready-to-snack when you need it.

You can now purchase many flavored varieties of mini snack containers of tuna so you won’t have to worry about bringing any of your own sauce either.

Next time you’re in need of a snack, give any one of these some consideration.

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