This Sport Is a Fun and Excellent Workout


Do you play any sports? Maybe tennis or ping pong? I’m a fan of racquet sports; not so much of tennis because I can’t hit the ball properly to keep it in place, but practice makes perfect, right?


Recently I started playing one that is fast paced, very fun, and easier than tennis. It’s squash. Every time I play it, I just feel how my entire body works out with all that stretching and running all over the court. Another plus is that my reflexes and motor skills have improved. All of that while having a great time.

Squash is regarded as an excellent cardiovascular workout. In fact, one hour of gameplay will burn between 600 to 1000 calories. That’s a lot! Also, the sport is an excellent workout for the upper and lower body; legs for running and arms and torso for swinging the racquet. It’s not for nothing that in 2003 Forbes called it the top healthiest sport to play.

However, being prudent is important. Squash is not recommended for older men with heart disease due to the extreme exertion that it has on the body. But you’re no old man, you’re a sexy woman, right? So pick up your racquet and call a friend; I guarantee you’ll have a great time.


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