The Most Important Health Benefits of Eating Asparagus

health benefits of eating asparagus

When people think of asparagus, it can go one of two ways. They can be grossed out by the smell or put off by the green color, or people can absolutely love it. It’s one of those vegetables that you either love or hate, there’s no being on the fence about it. Surprisingly, there are some important health benefits of eating asparagus that not many people know about. These benefits may just be enough to make you throw these in your trolley on your next supermarket trip.

Healthy Bones

One of the health benefits of eating asparagus is that it is high in Vitamin K. This is important for your bones. The levels of this vitamin are so high that if you eat just one serving of asparagus, you’ve covered 69.6% of the daily recommended allowance of Vitamin K. This can help prevent osteoarthritis in your future.

Digestion Issues

If you suffer from digestion issues, asparagus could be helpful in your diet. It’s shown to have positive effects on the gastrointestinal tract and this, in turn, aids colon problems. Regular consumption of asparagus can even eliminate some gastrointestinal issues.

New Mothers

The health benefits of eating asparagus are always made clear to new mothers. Some of the properties within it have been shown to improve lactation. This can come from either just consuming it or through making a paste-type substance with it. It can also assist with getting their menstruation cycle back on track.

In Conclusion

With any health fad that comes along, things always get proclaimed as the current super foods. Asparagus doesn’t get as much attention, but the health benefits of eating asparagus ought to put it on to that list.

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