Get To Know About The List Of Foods That Protect Against Inflammation

Inflammation is a natural process that occurs when your body reacts to a foreign substance. Whether it’s a microbe, pollen, or even a chemical, your immune system is bound to fight it and thus, such a reaction often triggers inflammation.

While it’s important, you are likely to experience a number of diseases if inflammation persists. According to conducted research, diseases such as diabetes, heart ailments, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s have been linked to instances of chronic inflammation.

Though there is anti-inflammatory medication available, that also come with their own range of side effects, health experts believe that the best way for a person to counter inflammation is through food.

List of Foods That Offer Protection Against Inflammation

You’ll be glad to know that the eatables offering protection against inflammation can easily be found in one’s refrigerator.

1# Green Leafy Vegetables

Adding green leafy vegetables is one of the best ways to fight and prevent inflammation. Try adding spinach, kale, or any other leafy vegetable to ward off inflammation.

2# Nuts

Eating nuts is another way to gain protection against inflammation. Try eating a handful of walnuts or almonds per day.

3# Fruit It Up

Start eating as much food as you want. Oranges, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and more have natural anti-inflammatory properties. Not only that, eating fruits is a good way to maintain a healthy calorie count instead of snacking on processed food.

4# Fatty Fish

Eating fish not only offers aid against inflammation, it is also linked to better cognitive health.

Other eatables you can introduce in your diet is olive oil and tomatoes.

Now, that you know about the food you should eat to fight against inflammation, here’s a little list of the eatables you should avoid as they are considered to be inflammation-promoters.

You should try to avoid or at least limit your intake of:

  • Refined Carbs
  • Sweetened beverages
  • Margarine
  • Red Meat
  • Fried Food
  • Processed Food

Always try your best to keep an eye on what you consume and you’re sure to decrease the risk numerous diseases linked to having an unhealthy diet.

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