Get 10,000 Steps a Day by Following These Tips

Have you got one of those arm bands that tracks your every move? Everyone’s got one of those magic little bands that tells you to get off your butt and move. What everyone doesn’t have is a strategy to reach their stepping targets every day of the week. Try these tips to get at least 10,000 steps a day!


#1. Stand. Don’t Sit.  

Sitting encourages more sitting. While you are scanning Facebook or Twitter, stand up. If you are standing, you are more likely to start swaying back and forth and taking a few steps here and then!

#2. Park Far From Your Destination

Got any errands to run this weekend? Make sure you park as far away from store entrances as possible or even better, leave the car home. Take the stairs, walk around the halls at work before you go to the bathroom, and pace the floors while you are waiting for your lunch to reheat in the microwave.

#3. Take the Trash Out

Find excuses to get your butt in gear. If your husband or boyfriend usually takes out the garbage, you snatch the bag and get it the heck out of your house. If you usually sit down to read the newspaper, stand over the kitchen island and get caught up on local news. Bring the laundry downstairs instead of using your laundry shoot. Little things add up to big results.

#4. Walk First, Eat Second

Before you munch on your lunch, head out for a walk for at least 30 minutes. If it’s raining, drive or walk to the local mall and get those steps in while browsing all of the lovely clothes you want to own. Pick out a few things to reward yourself with when you reach your stepping goal for 30 days in a row!


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