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Fad Diets: Do They Work?

fad diets

Every year, there are new diets touted in the media and online as quick fixes to weight problems. These include infomercials for diet pills, diet food, diet drinks and exercise programs. This information promises to help overweight people lose twenty pounds in a matter of days. However, most of those who have tried these products and failed terribly.

Why fad diets and crazy exercises won’t work

They are unsustainable

Most fad diets which promise rapid, dramatic weight loss consist of ultralow calorie meals which lead to and the over-consumption. An example of a conventional fad diet is the Cabbage Soup diet. With this diet, the dieter makes a massive pot of low-calorie cabbage soup and consumes it whenever hungry. The hypothesis about this diet is that the soup is so delicious and provides satiety. However, radically restricting calories means that a person will feel incredibly hungry along with feeling incredibly tired; even delicious cabbage soup won’t have the necessary calories for a person to function properly.

Combined with an exercise program where up to two hours of hard exercise per day are recommended, a person will simply give up after a day or so, because nobody wants to feel hungry, exhausted and miserable. Furthermore, who in their right mind wants to eat cabbage soup for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for days?

They wreak havoc on your metabolism

A human body needs a certain amount of calories from a variety of nutrition-rich sources to perform at optimal levels. High-calorie diet can lead to obesity and a host of other health problems, while a diet that is far too low in calories (like fad crash diets) can lead to a person’s metabolism grinding to a halt.

Fad diets deprive the body of vital elements

Fad diets combined with crazy exercises can and will deprive the human body of the vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals. These vital components support the proper functioning of the body tissues. Crash dieting or exercising without eating proper, nutritious food can damage bones, organs, and affect your brain tissue. The yo-yo pattern of gaining and losing weight repeatedly is also very stressful to the immune system, heart, and lungs.


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