Calisthenics VS Weight Lifting: Which Is Right For You?

Losing weight comes in many forms. For some, simply losing excess fat is the goal while for others, building a leaner, stronger physique is the desired end of the journey. While cardio works perfect for losing weight, for more definition, and to build muscle mass, you must follow some weight training regimen. Enter: calisthenics and weight lifting.


Calisthenics VS Weight Lifting: An Overview

Calisthenics and weightlifting fall under the banner of “weight training.” They help you build muscle mass and place greater emphasis on building your body rather than building endurance. Both require proper form and technique to avoid injury and create a more defined musculature. How, then, do you choose a routine?

Calisthenics involves training and building your muscles using only your bodyweight rather than machines or free weights. Pull-ups, for instance, rely on calisthenic exercise, building muscles in your arms, back, and shoulders by utilizing the weight of your body as it hangs. Calisthenics is useful for people who want to sculpt long, lean muscle rather than add bulk, and those who are unwilling or unable to purchase equipment.

Weight lifting, on the other hand, relies on the additional weight provided by machines and free weights. These external sources help add greater bulk and definition and are typically the source of physiques gracing the covers of fitness magazines.

Which Is Right For You?

To determine which system of exercise is good for you, ask yourself what your fitness, budget, and commitment goals are. If you are hoping to develop a body reminiscent of Ronda Rousey, weight lifting is going to be a better bet. If, however, you are only looking to tone your body and improve your general appearance, calisthenics will give you an improved physique without adding a lot of bulk.

Calisthenics will be easiest on your budget, as they do not require you to purchase a lot of equipment if any at all. You can use a local park for any pull-ups you may want to add to your fitness routine and tables, chairs, and benches for other exercises at home. Weightlifting requires either the upfront investment of free weights or a workout system or the monthly investment of a gym membership.

Finally, your commitment plays a key role in choosing which type of exercise is right for you. Calisthenics does not usually require as much recovery in between sessions, and may not require you to add a lot of protein to your diet. Weightlifting, however, can demand several days of recovery, and most trainers encourage upping your protein intake.


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