6 simple ways to lose post-pregnancy weight

post-pregnancy weight

It is any womans dream to be fit and lose their postpregnancy weight after childbirth. It not only makes you feel confident about your body but also reduces chances of depression. Without much ado, here are some of the ways which can help you lose those pounds:

1. Walk or Move around

Most moms prefer sleeping during their nursing period. Who can blame them anyway? They get to sleep only when the baby is asleep after waking up like 10 times in one night. However, if you want to lose weight, you have to break this norm. After childbirth, your body isnt really ready for rigorous exercises. Therefore, the most you can do to lose postpregnancy weight is to take a walk around the neighborhood.

2. Breastfeed your baby

As normal as it sounds, I feel the need to emphasize its importance on weight loss. A breastfeeding mother burns between 600800 calories per day. Despite eating more and exercising less, she still loses postpregnancy weight even by sitting down and feeding her baby.

3. Schedule your meals

A good way to watch what you eat and at what time is to schedule your meals. Experts recommend against dieting right after giving birth. Instead, eat small meals frequently throughout the day.

4. Snack on calciumrich foods

These include yoghurt and lowfat milk which contain calcium that is very important for both your bones and hormonal balance. It helps in postpregnancy weight loss by inhibiting production of a hormone that promotes storage of fats.

5. Join mom groups

Hanging around moms who have gone through the same situation as you can have the positive impact on your weight loss journey. It offers guidance and emotional support. You will be in a better place to know what works and what doesnt.

6. Lift weights

Note that this can only be done 810 months after childbirth because it requires a lot of muscle. Therefore, it requires great skill to pull this off. You can hire a gym instructor that specializes in women who have given birth and want to lose the postpregnancy weight.


Motherhood is a beautiful stage in life which needs to be enjoyed and embraced despite weight loss struggles. You should know that a mothers grumpiness or lowself esteem caused by weight gain can rub off on your child. Therefore, make sure that if you have unresolved feelings about postpregnancy weight, then get to work and burn those calories.


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