5 Ways to Stop Junk Food Cravings Once and for All

stop junk food cravings

We all know that junk foods are bad for us, but sometimes we are too weak to resist them. Wouldn’t it be great if you could stop junk food cravings once and for all? Well, you can. Just follow these five simple tips and get ready for a healthier, skinnier you.

1. Know Your Enemy

Before you can stop junk food cravings, you need to know what triggers them. Is it chocolate, potato chips, or glazed donuts? Once you know what your weak spot is, make sure to eliminate it from your house.

2. Keep On Chewing

A 2011 study found that if you chew more, you’ll eat less during your meal. So the next time you reach for a candy bar, make sure to chew each bite about 30 times before you swallow. Not only will your body digest it more easily, but you’ll also avoid the risk of overeating.

3. Try Healthy Snacks

Many people reach for junk foods when they feel the need to snack on something. If you’re one of them, why not try one of the many healthy alternatives? You’ll still get a nice, tasty treat, but with fewer calories and more essential nutrients. Over time, this will also help you stop junk food cravings.

4. Three Colors Are Better Than One

Research shows that people prefer having three colors on their plate instead of just one. Not only does it add more visual appeal but it also makes the meal more satisfying. So the next time you get a sweet tooth, try mixing some dark chocolate with fruit slices and a handful of walnuts.

5. Follow the Five-Ingredient Rule

Food writer Michael Pollan says that you shouldn’t eat anything that has more than five ingredients. That’s usually the sign of heavily processed foods that won’t do your body any good. So make sure to read the labels on all foods you eat. If there are more than five ingredients, just put them back on the shelf and go for something different.