5 Things You Must Do After Losing Weight

permanent weight loss

What next after achieving that goal? This is  a common question among dieters and nondieters alike. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they are usually unprepared for the next step after losing weight. This is because they see permanent weight loss as just a dream and quite impossibleIve had so many friends whove gained back double the weight they lost during a dieting program due to lack of direction and guidance. It probed me to look into the productive ways one can maintain their weight after burning some fat. Lets dive in.

1. Adjust

Needless to say, the skills you used to burn those calories will not be needed in your journey to maintain permanent weight loss. And get this. It is not only the exercises that need to change but also your mentality where you need to review what to do to maintain that weight. When you began losing those pounds, in your mind the end goal was the weight you have now. Ask yourself, what will be your drive now for maintaining permanent weight loss.

2. Get rid of old habits

It is in human nature to fall back to our old habits whether good or bad. Concerning what you eat and drink, be careful not to fall back because it is these habits that put you in trouble in the first place.

3. Schedule to eat

Studies have shown that digestion disorders contribute much to weight gain. An easy way to make sure that your food is digested well is by eating at the right time. Schedule your meals such as eating your dinner at least three hours before going to bed.

4. Have a timetable

Other than just eating a balanced diet, you should note that there are some foods which are not supposed to be eaten past 6 pm for a dieter. Foods that have cornstarch and rice should not be eaten for dinner. Mark your timetable with what to eat, when to eat and at what time of the day.

5. Regularly weigh yourself

This helps you to know when exactly you have gained an extra pound and keep track of your weight throughout the year.

Do these correctly and you will always be happy with your new weight, no strings attached.

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