4 Reasons Why Milk Is Good for You

why milk is good for you

People have been drinking milk for thousands of years. But in the last few decades, milk has been at the center of a heated debate. Some say you should avoid dairy, while others claim that a diet without milk can’t be healthy. Here we’ll take a look at the four scientifically proven reasons why milk is good for you.

1. It’s an Excellent Source of Protein

Dietary protein plays an essential part in your overall health. It promotes growth, regulates the immune system, and prevents cell damage. Because a single cup of milk contains up to 8g of protein, it’s one of the best sources out there. What’s more, milk is a “whole protein,” which means that it contains all the amino acids your body needs.

2. It Has Plenty of Other Important Nutrients, Too

Apart from protein, milk also contains plenty of other key nutrients. It’s a good source of calcium and vitamin D, as well as vitamins B2 and B12. You can get one-quarter of their recommended daily intake in just one cup. That’s another reason why milk is good for you.

3. It’s Good for Your Bones

Proteins, calcium, and vitamin D are all essential for bone health. Calcium is particularly important, as your body stores 99% of its supplies in the bones. As such, a 2013 study found that drinking milk may help prevent osteoporosis in older women.

4. It Helps You Stay Fit

Drinking whole milk could also help prevent weight gains. A recent study found that regular milk consumption may help prevent obesity in preschoolers. Earlier research has found that the proteins in milk promote satiety, thus reducing the risk of overeating.

And that’s not all. Another study found that the linoleic acid in milk might also improve weight loss. This is just one of many reasons why milk is good for you.

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