4 French Weight Loss Secrets


French women are often revered for their ability to exude an effortless, cool, sexy vibe thanks to their sleek silhouettes. Although there are certainly some French women who struggle with their weight, the French are (by and large) a slender people group.

How do they do it?


#1. Portion Control

What are the secrets to French women’s slim physiques? First and foremost, control. French women know that portion control and a balanced diet are pivotal in keeping their waistlines trim and devote plenty of their budgets to purchasing high-quality ingredients and cook at home more than going out. When you use high-quality, whole ingredients, both your waistline and your health will thank you.

#2. Never Staying Still

French women also make a point of making movement a part of their day. While American women tend to view exercise as a punishment or a way to make up for poor eating habits, French women view exercise and movement as normal, natural parts of life. They walk or bike to get to their destinations. They cook and clean, garden, and take walks as a means of enjoying leisure time. A life of movement is a life of effortless weight management.

#3. Enjoying Life

Stress makes gaining and retaining weight extremely likely as stress hormones tell your body to store up on fat. Instead of stressing over a few pounds or worrying about your next midterm or business meeting, take a few moments to wind down at the end of each day with a cup of tea and a book, or implement a simple de-stress beauty routine. Either one will help keep your stress hormones low and your metabolism high.

#4. Recalibrating Balance

The final secret to French weight loss is the ability to constantly recalibrate. When French women notice their jeans beginning to feel a little tight or their arms feeling a bit wobbly, they skip dessert for a few days or take the long way to their destination. Being able to make small, subtle changes to your diet and exercise habits as you need will help you keep your weight stable and healthy.


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