3 weight loss Supplements to avoid

weight loss supplements

First of all, I am a big promoter of weight loss supplements. After all, not everyone enjoys doing 100 situps a day just to lose some pounds. The reason why I love these supplements is that they not only burn calories but they also harmonize all functions of the body.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, fake weight loss supplements are being sold globally. This has been the case since the supplements and vitamin industry exploded in 2012. The high growth rate was socially linked to people wanting quick fixes for losing weight. The scams are inevitable because the supplements industry is highly unregulated. The FDA is not responsible for testing weight loss supplements. However, there are some things that you can do to avoid falling victim when buying those weight loss supplements

1. Avoid buying weight loss pills

According to a statement released by FDA on dietary supplements, they warned people on the increased illegal supply of unsafe weightloss pills. These pills are powerful drugs that are sold as herbal supplements to the unsuspecting customers. Moreover, these pills do not offer a lasting solution because results will last for a maximum of one week.

2. Avoid laxatives

I am yet to meet any person who wanted to lose weight and didnt try this form of a drug at least once. Laxatives are drugs which cause increased bowel movements, and people believe that they can reduce overall body weight. While this may be true, they also do not offer a lasting solution because they only get rid of your water weight. Obviously, when you go to the weighing scale, the scale will be tipped, and you are likely not to know that the results are just temporary.

3. Avoid fraudulent claims

Fraudulent claims are likeworks miraculouslyandinstant weight loss.” Avoid weight loss supplements with such claims because they sound too good which is rarely the case.


Basically, protect yourself by having more information on weight loss supplements before you buy them.


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