3 Ways to Speed up Your Metabolism

speed up your metabolism

Are you concerned about speeding up your metabolism to compliment your weight loss goal? There are many ways to do it. Here are 3 ways to speed up your metabolism.

According to the Mayo Clinic, metabolism is when your body converts what you consume into energy. Your body uses energy in different ways; from the obvious physical activities such as exercising or moving from room to room, to the less obvious growing and repairing cells and breathing. Your body is always burning energy.

The trick is to up your energy consumption while reducing your caloric intake. This creates an energy deficit. The energy deficit encourages your body to burn more calories.

Ways to Stimulate Your Metabolism

You can stimulate your metabolism with caffeine and coffee. Studies show that caffeine can boost your metabolic rate. The problem is that most people who drink coffee and tea do so with added sugar, cream, and other empty calorie fillers. This would negate the metabolic boost from the caffeine itself. Plain black coffee or tea would be best if this is the effect you want to achieve.

Additionally, you can increase your exercise routine. Especially with activities that elevate your heart rate. This provides a temporary boost to your metabolism. But, slowly dissipates after you stop moving.

Lastly, don’t skip breakfast. Start your food processing (thermogenesis) first thing in the morning. This determines the number of calories you will burn each day. You are also less likely to reach for unhealthy foods as a temporary fix later in the day if you eat a healthy breakfast.

Final Thoughts

It is not possible to permanently speed up your metabolism. But, there are ways to stimulate it. Caffeine and breakfast are a good start. So long as both are low fat and low sugar options. Also, keep up the physical activity. Aerobic exercise is good, but weight training also helps. Especially since muscle burns more calories than fat.

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