3 Fat Loss Myths You Must Not Fall For


Trying to lose some extra body fat? Dealing with a few pounds you’ve gained over the last five to ten years? Whatever the case, as you get started with your nutrition plan, there are a few myths that you need to know about – and avoid for best results.

Sadly, people fall for these time and time again and they can really hamper their progress.

Here’s what to know.

More Exercise Is Better

Think that if some exercise is good, more is better? This isn’t necessarily the case. Remember that your body does need to be able to recover from all the exercise you are doing.

If you’re hitting the gym for hours each day, this is going to spell troubles with recovery and could cause you to overtrain. Soon, you’ll be injured, burnout, and sidelined.

How will your weight loss look then?

Rest days are essential for success.

Lower Calorie Diets Work Faster

You might think that if taking your calorie intake down to 1500 is good, 1200 is even better. You’ll reach your end goal faster, right?

Wrong. Usually when very low calorie intakes are utilized, the metabolic rate will dramatically slow down and you’ll be holding onto body fat making further fat loss next to impossible.

You need so many calories a day to function and get your nutrient needs met. Slower is often better in the game of fat loss.

Eating Fat Makes You Fat

Finally, if you believe that eating fat will make you fat, you also need to rethink this notion. It’s excess calories that make you fat so focus on that – not so much the particular nutrient that you get those calories from.

Adding healthy fats to your meal plan is a must as they’ll help to increase your energy level, stabilize blood sugar, and can help prevent disease.

So keep these three myths in mind. Are you falling for any of them?



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