Exercise Myth: Hours Of Gym Time Is Needed To See Weight Loss Results

One major myth that many people fall for is the idea that you need to spend hours and hours in the gym each week in order to see good weight loss results. Many people put off starting an exercise program simply because they don’t think they have the time.

I’m here to tell you that this isn’t the case. You definitely don’t need hours each week for exercise to benefit from a gym workout plan.

Here’s what to know.

Strength Training Earns Top Marks

First, if you want to dramatically change your body in as little time as possible, strength training is what you want to focus on. A good strength training program that has you lifting heavier weights in the 8-10 rep range and using compound exercises will torch calories quickly, reshape your body, and help raise your metabolic rate.

Not to mention you’ll gain great functional strength as well.

This type of program should only take 30 minutes, 2-3 times per week, so it isn’t a high time commitment.

Add Interval Cardio Sessions

Next, if you do want to include some cardio training into the mix, try interval cardio workouts. These sessions are short but intense and last only 20-25 minutes. Begin with a five minute warm-up and then alternate 30 seconds at a very intense pace with 60 seconds of active rest. Repeat this back and forth five to ten times and then move into a cool-down.

Don’t Overlook Lifestyle Activity

Finally, don’t overlook the value in lifestyle activity. Simply getting out and moving more – whether it’s walking around the block with your significant other, going for a swim in the local pool, or doing some yard work can all burn calories quickly.

It all adds up over time, so don’t ever think that movement doesn’t count.

So keep these tips in mind and don’t let time be an excuse any longer for you.

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