Your Ultimate Muscle Building Diet

ultimate muscle building diet

Do you know how important diet is for building muscle? Without the right foods, your workouts will only go so far. You’ll also succumb to fatigue faster, and recover slower.

If you’re struggling to decide what to eat, follow this ultimate muscle building diet.

Whole Foods

You’ll need to fuel your body with carbohydrates to pack on muscle. However, you must get them from the right foods. Pizzas may come loaded with carbs, but they won’t help you achieve muscle definition.

Instead, look to whole foods and grains. Potatoes, oats, and rice should form the foundation of your diet. Switch the white bread for the whole-wheat variety too. You’ll get healthy carbohydrates, plus you’ll up your protein and fiber intake.

Fruits and Vegetables

Every fruit and vegetable fits into the ultimate muscle building diet. They contain a mix of minerals, vitamins, and the fluids your body needs. Furthermore, most also contain fiber and a small amount of protein, with the latter being important for muscle building and recovery.

Lean Meats and Dark Chicken

Cut out all of the fat from your meats, and eat the leanest cuts possible. You’ll get protein, as well as the iron your body needs to get oxygen to your muscles faster. Lean meats also contain leucine, which some researchers believe can enhance muscle growth.

As for chicken, eat the dark meat rather than the white. It contains more iron and zinc than white meat. Zinc boosts your immune system so you’re less susceptible to ailments following intense, body-weakening workouts.

Lots of Water

High-intensity muscle building leads to sweating. You must keep your body’s water supplies stocked up. According to Mayo Clinic, women need about 12 cups per day, whereas men need close to 16.


Combine these foods and track your calorie intake to create a great muscle building diet. You’ll get the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs while keeping your fluid levels high.

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