Why Underwater Exercise Is Good for Your Body

why underwater exercise is good

When you suffer an injury, most doctors will recommend simple exercises to do underwater. Underwater fitness is a popular choice for seniors as well. It is even a good workout option if you’re pregnant.

Here is a list that explains why underwater exercise is good for everyone, even professional sportspeople.

• It Moves Your Whole Body

Moving underwater is different from moving on land. It can activate muscles that you don’t usually use that much. Another reason why underwater exercise is good for you is that being surrounded by water affects your balance. This activates more parts of your brain and improves connectivity.

• It Is Good For Your Heart and Your Circulation

Every good workout makes you breathe harder and improves your circulation. However, if you’re underwater, blood doesn’t flow the way it usually does.

The pressure that water puts on your legs and torso makes your blood return upward, to your chest, much more easily. This is why you can do intense underwater workouts without straining your heart.

• It Increases Flexibility

For people with joint problems, underwater fitness is the best way to stay in shape. While you are submerged, you can move your body freely, and it won’t strain your joints in the long run.


Many people like to use underwater exercise as warm-up before they work out on land. But even if you don’t combine it with other kinds of exercise, it is easy to see why underwater exercise is good for you. You can do it regularly, and it won’t exert your joints or your cardiovascular system.

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