Why Eating Slower May Be the Key to Losing Weight

why eating slower may be the key to losing weight

Your eating speed has an impact on your weight, so a recent study suggests. In fact, faster eaters tend to be more obese than their slower-eating counterparts. This article examines the issues around the question why eating slower may be the key to losing weight.

If You Eat Too Fast, You May Gain Weight

According to the study mentioned above, eating fast means that you are 115% more likely to be overweight.

In a different study, scientists observed over 500 men over an 8-year period and found that the self-confessed faster eaters gained more than twice as much weight as those who said they were slow eaters.

Eating Slower May Help You to Eat Less

A hormone called ghrelin controls your hunger. When you eat, your gut begins to suppress this hormone and release a number of anti-hunger hormones instead. This is what makes you feel full because the hormones signal your brain to tell you so.

In total, this process takes about 20 minutes, so fast-eaters may never get to the anti-hunger hormone stage.

If You Eat Slowly You’re Likely to Be More Satisfied

Interestingly, if you eat slowly, your body has time to release more anti-hunger hormones. In a study, they gave participants two ice creams to eat. The first one, they ate in 5 minutes, while they slowly enjoyed the second one over a 30-minute period.

Scientists discovered a higher amount of the anti-hunger hormone after eating the ice cream slowly, with participants also feeling fuller and more satisfied.

This is a great reason why eating slower may be the key to losing weight.

Final Thoughts

So now you know why eating slower may be the key to losing weight. Eating slowly may take a little getting used to but it seems healthier and more beneficial on multiple levels.

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