Why Don’t Tomatoes Taste as Good as They Used To?

why have tomatoes lost their taste

If you noticed tomatoes taste a bit off lately, you’re not alone. People all over the world have been wondering why this once delicious vegetable has lost its taste and has become quite bland in the past couple of years. Amazingly, a team of scientists set out to explore this phenomenon. After months of research, they seem to have come up with an interesting answer.

So, why have tomatoes lost their taste?

About Tomatoes

One of the most popular vegetables in the world (technically a fruit, but that’s another story), tomato is often used not only in its raw form – tomato sauces and juices are a big part of many national cuisines. It owes its sour acidic taste to chlorogenic acid – a strong antioxidant compound that could help with high blood pressure.

Another extremely healthy compound that can be found in tomatoes is lycopene – a red pigment that has been lauded for its health benefits. Research shows that this compound can even play a role in cancer prevention. These and many other healthy compounds like different vitamins and minerals make tomato one of the healthiest vegetables around.

Why Have Tomatoes Lost Their Taste?

However, tomatoes can hardly be called tasty nowadays. After people from all over Europe have been complaining about tomatoes being too bland, an international team of scientists set out to discover why that could be the case. The reason for that seems to lie in genetic modifications.

In an effort to make them more resistant and easier to reproduce, tomato producers have removed certain compounds. Coincidentally, some of these compounds are what gives tomatoes their recognizable taste. Scientists have identified 13 of these compounds during their research.


So, if you were wondering why have tomatoes lost their taste, we hope this article answered your question. The good news is that, now that scientists have discovered the reason behind it, we’re one step closer to getting tomatoes back to their tasty ways.

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