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Why Do Calories Count?

When people talk about calories in food, what do they mean? Well, let’s get you your answers!

To start, you should know that a calorie is a unit of energy.

In everyday life, it is defined as the energy the body takes in through eating and drinking. For example, a single apple may have around 80 calories.

Also, keep in mind that every item of food and drink has a set amount of calories, except plain water.

As a guide, an average man needs about 2,500kcal (10,500kJ) a day to maintain a healthy body weight. Similarly, an average woman needs about 2,000kcal (8,400kJ) per day.

Here’s the deal, calories are considered as the ultimate enemy for people that are trying to get rid of a few inches from their waist. While some might wish to, you can’t completely cut your body off from consuming any amount of calories if you want to be healthy.

Calories are good for your body as they are used as a source of energy for living beings. The human body needs a set amount of calories to survive because without proper energy our cells will die.

However, you should keep in mind that if our total calorie consumption is too low or even too high from what’s recommended, we’ll eventually end up experiencing health complications.

Calories and energy

The relationship between calories and energy is an interesting one. They go hand and hand, and one can’t survive without the other. Skipping meals to lower the calorie count when you are trying to lose weight can be harmful to your overall productivity.

Our calorie intake determines the amount of energy produced by us, lower the calories, lower the energy. Hence you’ll start feeling tired all the time.

So, you can see that calories count a lot both ways. They count if you’re trying to live a healthy life and they count when it comes to understanding how low and high-calorie intakes can open doors to certain ailments.

Burning calories

Your body naturally burns calories throughout the day. You burn calories while you type away on your computer, walk around, or even when asleep. However, your body won’t start losing weight unless a number of extra calories you consume is more or less the amount the calories you’re able to burn off.

It can be kind of hard to burn calories when you don’t have a proper workout routine in your everyday life. Sitting in a chair for hours isn’t really going to do you much good even if your body is burning a certain amount of calories.

You need to become more active and keep an eye on your calorie consumption through an efficient and healthy diet plan.

The point is that you shouldn’t be afraid of calories. They are necessary for a healthy life. What you need to focus on is how much calories your body requires.

In today’s era of social media, we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people. The fashion and media industry have created body ideals that are impossible to achieve naturally. So, people tend to starve themselves, making the word ‘calorie’ the ultimate villain.

However, having such a mindset isn’t going to do you any favors in the long run. You should understand that calories count a lot toward maintaining a healthy mental and physical wellbeing.

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