What to Eat Before, During, and After Your Workouts

eat around workouts

When a new year rolls around, many try to improve their health. Workouts are a big part of that. A less known part is what you should eat to complement your workouts. We’re not just talking what you eat after; before and during are just as important. Learn more about how to correctly fuel your body at the right time to get the most from your workout.


Eating beforehand can stop you from feeling lightheaded or nauseous, which means you’ll work out longer. Foods that are full of fiber and carbs can help you here. Examples of this can come from granola bars, whole meal toast or fruits such as bananas or raisins. Small snacks of these kinds of food can build up your energy levels.


When people think about what to eat around workouts, most don’t picture snacking during a workout session. If you’re working out for less than 60 minutes, it’s not as important. But if your workout is longer, you may want to consider a snack such as an energy bar. This can help to replace energy levels and prevent you from feeling sluggish.

Regardless of the snacking process, you need to keep your hydration up during a workout. This prevents cardiovascular strain.


It’s important to up your glycogen levels after a workout. This is what will help your muscles to recover. You need to eat a meal that contains protein and healthy carbs to do this. If it’s consumed within the first 2 hours after your workout, your glycogen levels will be fine. Examples of this include wholegrain sandwiches with salad and lean meats, yogurt and fruit, and recovery smoothies.

To Break It Down

Eating is such an important part of any health plan. What you eat around workouts can be the basis for all your results. Some of the foods we’ve suggested may not work for everyone, but by paying attention to your own body, ¶you’ll be able to work out what’s right for you.

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