What to Eat After a Gastric Bypass

after a gastric bypass

Many people out there struggle with obesity, and some of them opted to have a gastric bypass surgery performed on them. This forces their body to make the drastic change it needs to get healthy, because it affects what they can and can’t eat. This is particularly true for immediately after the surgery. The most common question post-surgery is what specifically do you eat after a gastric bypass?

The First Few Days

Immediately after a gastric bypass, you basically need to stick to a clear liquid diet. This is because your stomach can’t handle solid foods at this stage. Some options for this include sugar-free jelly or ice blocks, unsweetened juices and different broths. Some people even say that the occasional decaf coffee is ok at this stage.

Move on to the Purees

If your body has managed liquids for a few days after a gastric bypass, it’s time to move on to purees. In this phase of the recovery, you’d want to stick with foods that have a paste-like consistency. It’s best to blend your own foods at home for optimal health benefits. Some good examples are lean ground beef and green beans blended with broth, or even soft fruits blended with sugar-free juices.

Soft to Solid Foods

You would’ve been on pureed foods for a few weeks before this stage. Afterwards though, and with a doctors permission, you can move on to soft foods. Peeled and cooked vegetables paired with meats are the easiest option. Once you hit eight weeks after a gastric bypass, you will be able to move up to solid foods. Certain foods are likely to cause you pain or nausea though. With that in mind, avoid nuts, carbonated drinks, fried foods and meats with gristle.


Beginning to eat again after a gastric bypass is basically a learning experience. You have to be prepared to do your research on what’s worked for others and also for less than favorable results from foods you may have previously loved.

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