What Are Juice Diets and Are They Good for You?

what are juice diets

If you follow all the latest trends in weight loss, you must have heard of juice diets. If not, you’re probably wondering “what are juice diets?” Simply put, they are short diets that involve drinking juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some of them last for two or three days, while some others last for a week or more. Most juice diets don’t allow you to consume any other foods apart from the juices. Yet there are a few juice cleanses that include some solid foods, too.

And just what are juice diets supposed to help you achieve? Well, most experts see them as quick fixes. They promote fast weight loss in a short amount of time. But are they as good for your health as they claim to be?

How Safe Are Juice Diets?

When it comes to how safe juice diets are, the jury is still out. Such an extreme dietary regimen is rarely a good idea, even for just a few days. What’s more, they completely cut off your supply of other important nutrients. With juice diets, there are little-to-no fats, no fibers, and no proteins.

So far, no study has proved their lasting impact on your weight. But you can still expect to lose some weight during your juice cleanse. This is because you are limiting your calorie intake and removing fats from your diet. And even if you do lose weight, there’s no proof that it won’t come back soon after you’re done with the cleanse.

Final Word

If your goal is to shed only a few extra pounds, a very short juice diet might help you. But if the amount of weight you need to lose is much higher, you will need to invest a lot more effort and time. Yet because fresh fruits and veggies are always good for your health, juices could be a nice addition to your current diet. Drink them in the morning instead of coffee. You’ll be full of energy and ready to start your day right.


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