Three Must-Have Exercises In Your Workout Routine


Getting ready to start a workout routine? If so, it’s important that you ensure you select the best exercises to help you reach your goals. The fact is, the exercises you choose to do not only dictate the results you see, but also dictate how long you must spend in the gym each day as well.

Do exercises that are highly efficient and you may only need to be in there for 30 minutes or so. Do exercises that are not as efficient and you could be looking at needing at least an hour to hit every muscle group.

This said, which exercises are your best bets? Which exercises will help you torch calories, lose body fat, and build strength?

The following three are your best bets.


When it comes to building all over total body strength, squats can’t be beat. This exercise is extremely taxing on your body and will not only help you build muscle, but also work your cardiovascular health as well.

When doing your squats, work through a variety of rep ranges. Do some lower rep squats to build strength and power and some higher rep sets to help burn calories, raise your metabolism, and get a cardiovascular workout in.


Next you have push-ups. As far as upper body exercises go, this one can’t go overlooked. While you can do the bench press if you want to load up more weight, a basic push-up is great for improving your strength, working your core, and is something that you can do anywhere.

Try supersetting push-ups with another strength focused exercise for an incredibly intense workout session.


Finally, no workout would be complete without an exercise to help you build excellent core strength. Planks are it.

This isometric exercise is going to boost your muscular endurance level while also increasing your strength as well.

Try any one of the plank variations to mix up your routine and prevent boredom.

So there you have the top three exercises to be adding to your workout protocol. Are you getting these in?



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