The Ultimate Guide to A Healthy Lifestyle

When it comes to losing weight, no one knows what the best method. Well, there are so many articles out there stating things about this topic that people simply have no idea what is good and bad anymore. Read here facts about this topic that might save your diet right away.

Superfoods that will boost your metabolism

First things first, think about your meal plans. Eating the wrong things at wrong times will cause you to gain weight as fast as ever. The reason why people don’t exactly know what to eat is that they don’t get appropriately informed about nutrition in general. Listing foods without explaining their role in a diet is not useful at all, and this is the reason why you can read below the purpose of several foods:

Green tea

Green tea is most effective if you combine it with working out at least three times a week. Specialists found out that in less than 15 days, a person who regularly visits a gym and drinks three to four cups of green tea every other day lost belly fat faster than ever.


If you have ever considered taking weight loss pills, your natural solution would be almonds. Several nutrition studies have proved that consuming ¼ cup of almonds will maximize your metabolism. Simply replacing the unhealthy, carbohydrate-filled snacks with almonds will have a tremendous impact on one’s body.


The UCLA Center for Human Nutrition previously proved that pistachios reduce the BMI visibly in less than four weeks. Researchers found out about the beneficial effect of pistachios by dividing a group into two different sections and applying a low-calorie diet to each section. Yet, for one of the sections, pistachios were included, and the results talked for themselves.

Avocado oil

Another highly important food that people who desire to lose weight should include into their diets is avocado oil. Consuming at least two tablespoons of avocado oil daily will eventually lead to losing up to 3% of your belly fat with no effort at all.

Sugar-free meal plans

Sugar is one of the worst enemies of the human body, and if you have enough motivation to get rid of it, the results will be amazing. Thinking about meal plans that don’t include sugar at all while still being delicious could save a few years of your life and could also make you lose some pounds without much effort. For instance, you can eat:

  • IN THE MORNING: scrambled eggs, tomatoes, avocado
  • LUNCHTIME: salad (veggies of your choice), avocado oil, vinegar dressing (no added sugar)
  • DINNER TIME: roasted chicken, veggies of your choice
  • SNACKS: unsalted nuts, apple slices, almond butter, cucumber slices with peanut butter

Concepts you need to know about

Before attempting to follow a diet, you must know what the following concepts mean:

  • Serving size (how much food you eat during one meal)
  • Calories (the difference between nutrients and calories)
  • Fat (the difference between unsaturated/saturated/trans fat)
  • Carbohydrates/proteins/sugar


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