The Pros and Cons of GI Diets

pros and cons of GI diets

If you’re suffering from diabetes, proper nutrition is one of the key aspects of managing the condition. That’s why some people opt for glycemic index (GI) diets. But as with any other eating regimen, there are both pros and cons of GI diets.

The glycemic index value of foods denotes how fast or slow they can raise your blood sugar levels. As a rule, GI diets encourage the consumption of foods that have lower glycemic index values. This allows people with diabetes to combine different sources of carbs while keeping their blood glucose levels in check.

Here are some other pros and cons of GI diets you should consider.

1. They Can Help You Lose Weight

Like most diets, glycemic index eating plans also aim to help you lose weight. According to one study, they may even help to treat the symptoms of obesity in children. Because they primarily target diabetes patients, GI diets help improve your coronary health. In doing so, they also help you manage your weight more easily.

2. They Help You Control Diabetes

After a meal, your blood sugar levels rise until your body digests the foods you’ve eaten. But GI diets focus on foods that don’t cause such high blood glucose spikes. This allows you to plan your meals so that you can keep the parameters in check.

3. The GI Values Don’t Paint the Complete Picture

The glycemic index values of foods only focus on their effect on your blood sugar levels. They don’t, however, take the quantities you eat into account. As such, low quantities of certain foods with low GI value may impact your blood sugar levels the same as much larger quantities of some foods with higher GI value.

Final Word

Before you decide to make drastic changes to your eating plan, you need to consider the pros and cons of GI diets. They can help you lose weight and control your blood sugar levels, but they also don’t acknowledge the nutritional value of foods. It’s always best to talk to your doctor or dietician to see if these diets are good for you.

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