The Best Way to Diet If You’re Over 35

the best way to diet if you're over 35

Keeping your weight under control can help prevent a number of diseases that may come with age. But what is the best way to diet if you’re over 35?

When you reach middle age, your body goes through a number of changes. What you eat needs to reflect that.

Here are four things to keep in mind about weight loss in your mid-thirties and beyond:

1. Stick to Smaller Portions

Since it is done growing, your body needs fewer calories than it used to. Tracking your calories can be a good idea. In most cases, you’ll notice a change in your appetite after you have started dieting.

2. Don’t Let Your Diet Impact Your Muscle Mass

Decreased muscle mass comes naturally with middle age. However, you need to make sure your diet is only burning through fat and not muscle. Higher-protein meals can be a good idea. Additionally, you need to start up an exercise regime. Not only will regular exercise strengthen your muscles, but it will help you will maintain flexibility, too.

3. Pay Attention to Bone Density

Many diet plans advise decreasing your dairy intake. This can be a good idea, but remember that aging puts you at a higher risk of brittle bones. You can balance this out with exercise and some other high-calcium foods like broccoli.

4. Hormone Issues Can Become a Problem

The changes in your metabolism can cause you to gain weight unexpectedly. If you notice a dramatic change, you should consult an endocrinologist. Many hormone problems are treatable if you catch them in time.


The best way to diet if you’re over 35 is to decrease the size of your food portions and pay extra attention to the nutrients your body needs. A good diet, combined with exercise, can help prevent many serious complications.

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