The Absolute Best Ingredients for Losing Weight

best ingredients for losing weight

Counting calories isn’t a great way to lose weight. Different types of food take different pathways through your body, so you must choose carefully. These are the best ingredients for losing weight.


Eggs had a bad reputation for years, with many pointing to them as a leading source of bad cholesterol. More recent research suggests that reputation isn’t fair. Eggs actually contain healthy fats and lots of protein, plus they have very few calories.


Many people struggle with cutting out sugar and sweeteners from their diets. A seasoning like cinnamon offers a middle-ground. You still get a sweet flavor, but you get rid of the unhealthy calories in processed sugar and sweeteners. Add cinnamon to your coffee, or sprinkle it on your cereal.

Leafy Greens

Lettuce, kale, collards, and spinach all share similar qualities. They’re low in calories, and they have plenty of fiber. They also come packed with healthy nutrients, and they cut your carbohydrate intake. Add them to your meals to beef things up, without upping your calorie intake too much.


Another great flavor-booster, you can use lemon instead of flavorings to make drinks and food more interesting. Add a drop of lemon to a glass of water to help yourself avoid sugary, processed drinks. It also contains Vitamin C.

Lean Meats

Some fad diets tell you to avoid meat, whereas others tell you to eat nothing but. The key lies in avoiding fatty meats. Choose lean cuts of red meat, and eat plenty of white meats, like chicken. Both come loaded with protein, which helps with muscle development and cut cravings.


One of the cheaper foods on the list, oats are a staple for many weight-loss diets. Eat them in the morning to reduce your cravings, and substitute unhealthy breadcrumbs for them when cooking.


Losing weight can feel like a chore, especially if you don’t have the right guidance. Use this list to incorporate the best ingredients in your diet for losing weight

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