The 7 Most Ridiculous Diet Myths

most ridiculous diet myths

Everybody seems to offer their own little pearls of wisdom to people when they want to lose weight. As a result, there’s a lot of misinformation out there. These are seven of the most ridiculous diet myths.

1. Eating Lots of Small Meals Boosts Your Metabolism

Studies suggest that you’ll burn as many calories eating a couple of meals per day as you would eating five or six. This assumes you consume the same amount of calories with each method. Eating lots of small meals doesn’t boost your metabolism. However, it may help you deal with cravings.

2. Celery is a Negative Calorie Food

Unfortunately, you don’t burn calories whenever you eat celery. Each serving contains 10 calories. Still, they make a great addition to a diet.

3. You Should Avoid Egg Yolks

Egg yolks don’t raise levels of bad cholesterol, and also don’t lead to heart disease. In fact, the yolk contains almost everything that’s good nutritionally in the egg. Don’t throw it away.

4. You Should Eat Carrots Raw

Wrong! Cooked carrots offer greater nutritional value than raw carrots. The cooking process breaks down the barriers in the carrot that would otherwise prevent your body from accessing the vegetable’s beta-carotene.

5. Coffee Isn’t Healthy

Coffee consumed to excess fills your body with caffeine. However, the occasional cup has plenty of benefits. Coffee contains more antioxidants than most fruit and vegetables, plus it reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Type-2 diabetes.

6. Alcohol Helps You Sleep

The myth of the nightcap still persists in modern society. However, drinking alcohol before going to bed may cause you to wake up earlier, or disrupt your sleeping patterns.

7. You Should Avoid All Saturated Fats

Many people mix up trans fats and saturated fats. While you should avoid trans fats, you’ll find saturated fats in a lot of healthy foods. Moderate your consumption, but don’t avoid them altogether.


These are some of the most ridiculous diet myths that still make the rounds in modern society. Don’t believe them. Some of these myths even actively prevent you from eating nutritious foods.

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