The 6 Best Eye-Friendly Foods to Protect Your Vision

eye-friendly foods

High on the list of things we forget to appreciate but would really miss – sight. Most of us don’t worry much about going blind. But we might want to consider taking precautions against worsening sight, not to mention eye strain and dry eye. Here are six suggestions for eye-friendly foods (you might even say eye-loving foods).


They’re high in vitamin C and anthocyanins, both potent antioxidants. Blueberries turn out to be the antioxidant version of Meryl Streep. Cultivated blueberries rank second on the list of antioxidants in fruit. Wild (oh, Meryl!), they rank first. And antioxidants have a beneficial effect on age-related macular degeneration.

Oily Fish

The Omega 3s in oily fish have also been found to support eye health – possibly for the same reason Omega 3s are so healthy for other organs. Speaking of eye-friendly foods, Omega 3s can heal dry eye. But try to avoid mercury (e.g., canned light tuna is lower in mercury than canned white).

Nuts, Legumes, and Seeds

High in vitamin E, these are also high in Omega 3s. Try these:

  • Nuts: walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews
  • Legumes: peanuts, lentils
  • Seeds: chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds


You know oranges are high in antioxidant vitamin C. Well so’s the rest of the family – lemons, limes, grapefruit. One caution, though: some medications are affected if you take them too close to eating grapefruit.

Leafy Greens

You always find leafy greens on these lists. It almost doesn’t matter what the problem is, in what body part – leafy greens. And maybe there’s a clue in there somewhere?

Carrots and Sweet Potatoes

Both are high in beta-carotene (that’s the orange color). Carrots specialize in vitamin A, while sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamin E. And it’s all great for healthy eyes.


All these foods, and more, are eye-friendly foods. And at the same time, they’re good for the rest of you. Making them you-friendly foods.

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