The 3-Month Culinary Challenge for a Healthier, More Adventurous Meal

Food brings people together. It gives us a chance to explore the world through our palate. It lets us celebrate the diversity we find in different cuisines and cultures.

Starting this month, take this three-month culinary challenge. From now through to the summer months, try one of these new foods every month. They might seem a little bit unconventional, but they’re packed with flavor and delicious nutrients to keep you slim, healthy and happy. You’ll expand your culinary horizons while shrinking your waistline.

Month 1

It’s stinky, and slimy! Durian has a potent smell, but that doesn’t stop thousands and thousands of people around the globe from eating the tropical Southeast Asian fruit. Today, you can find it in health food stores and specialty grocery shops across North America.

It’s perfect for naturally satisfying your sweet tooth, as it has a very sweet taste and texture. And while you satisfy your sweet tooth, you nourish your body. A single serving of durian gives you a third of your day’s worth of thiamin (doctors say this B-vitamin helps you metabolize carbs and lose weight) plus additional nutrients like vitamin C and manganese.

Month 2

You’ve likely seen kimchi at sushi restaurants and Asian diners. It’s a spicy dish made from fermented veggies, most commonly fermented cabbage.

You can pick up a jar of fresh kimchi at many grocery stores and health food stores. It’s an excellent source of fiber, which can help you to lose weight by improving digestion. It’s also rich in probiotics that boost gut health. Numerous studies have linked strong gut health and probiotic-rich foods (such as kimchi) with enhanced weight loss.

Month 3

Forget plain old pasta. Spiralize your vegetables into spiral “noodles” for all the fun of pasta, but fewer carbs and more nutrients! Better yet, try spaghetti squash. Simply roast the squash, then scoop it into a bowl. It falls apart into pre-made vegetable noodles!

Every bite is filled with vitamin A and vitamin C, antioxidants that enhance your overall wellness and increase your metabolism.

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