Smart Food Swaps For Better Health


As you go about your diet plan and start making changes to try and shed excess weight and reduce your disease risk, rather than trying to do a complete diet overhaul, why not try looking for little places you can make a few changes?

This tends to be far easier and more enjoyable to stick with and will put you on a path to better eating in no time.

Here are a few smart swaps to consider.

Swap Ezekiel Bread For Bagels

When it comes to your sandwich at lunch, a bagel is one of the worst options to choose. It’s loaded with carbs, and while it may be fat-free, it is definitely not calorie free.

Try Ezekiel bread instead. This sprouted grain bread is rich in fiber, lower in calories, and will help keep your blood glucose levels under control.

Swap Nut Butter For Cream Cheese

Next, consider swapping out the cream cheese you’re eating for some nut butter instead. While these are similar in total calorie value, the benefit is that cream cheese is mostly saturated fat while nut butter contains unsaturated fat, protein, and even some dietary fiber.

It’s a far healthier addition to your diet plan.

Swap Sweet Potatoes For Regular Potatoes

Regular potatoes may taste delicious, but they really do a number on your blood glucose levels. Try sweet potatoes instead. Don’t let their name fool you. Despite the fact that these potatoes do have some natural sugar, they won’t impact blood sugar levels nearly as much as regular white potatoes.

Plus, they taste better. Win-win!

Swap Greek Yogurt For Mayonnaise

Finally, rather than using mayonnaise for making dips or spreading over your sandwich, try using Greek yogurt instead. Greek yogurt is higher in protein, lower in calories per tablespoon, and also offers a good dose of probiotics as well.

So start using these swaps in your menu and you’ll be shedding the pounds before you know it.


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