Obesity: Sedentary Lifestyle is an Epidemic

Sedentary lifestyle is a mode of living where people spend most of their time sitting in one place, often sitting in the same position. People living sedentary lifestyles do little physical activities. For many years, our way of life has changed and has become much more sedentary than it used to be 100 years ago hence the rise of obesity cases. In the old days, when people talked about sedentary life, people who stayed at home did not think of doing anything. Today, a sedentary life encompasses even those who have a job or a social life. Therefore, the emergence of sedentary lifestyle is responsible for the obesity epidemic in the western world.

Some of the activities associated with this type of lifestyle include;

  • Development of the tertiary sector and office jobs.
  • Sitting for long hours in the office.
  • Watching TV.
  • Playing video games.
  • Traveling by cars or metro.

Does sedentary lifestyle make you fat?

Sedentary lifestyle appears related to obesity and weight gain since it corresponds to a very low energy expenditure. Research shows that increased static pressure caused, for example, by a prolonged sitting position causes the expansion and deformation of the cells of our body.

The Dangers of Sedentary lifestyle

 Research shows that physical inactivity kills more than tobacco! Therefore, having little or no physical activity has an impact on our health. Some of these effects include;

  1. Weight gain that leads to obesity.
  2. Risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Permanent stress.
  4. A substantial risk of diabetes.
  5. Sleep disorders.
  6. Risk of osteoporosis.
  7. In the elderly, physical inactivity promotes the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

In conclusion, it is evident that physical activity is the key to staying fit and healthy. Nevertheless, many times our work inevitably requires sitting in a place for long hours. In such circumstances, a person must find an environment that can help him stay healthy and at the same time not disturb his work.

Playing games during recreation, jogging, walking, or joining a gym or fitness club to do regular exercise dramatically improves the overall well-being. In addition, people living sedentary life should avoid eating oily fatty foods, junk food, and overeating.

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