Is Your Omega-3 Intake High Enough?

Is Your Omega-3 Intake High Enough

When it comes to preserving your physical wellbeing and mental fitness, omega-3 fatty acids are the star of the dieting world. What makes them so great? And when is your omega-3 intake high enough?

What Do Omega-3 Fatty Acids Do?

Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid. This means that your body needs it to function well but cannot create it. Thus, you have to get omega-3 fatty acids by eating the right food.

Experts say that omega-3 fatty acids enhance your brain functions and protect them from decline. They also improve your circulation, your eye health, and your immunity. Pregnant women are frequently prescribed omega-3 supplements to help keep their body in good shape. This is beneficial to the baby’s health as well.

What Is the Best Omega-3 Dosage for You?

Most researchers agree that 250-500mg is a good daily dosage for most healthy adults. But is your omega-3 intake high enough to treat a particular health issue?

If you have heart issues, studies show that you should consume 850mg of omega-3 fatty acids per day. For coronary heart disease, the dosage goes up to 1000mg.

It is recommended that you take as much as 2000mg of omega-3 daily to treat depression. When you want to lower your level of triglycerides, you should take even more than that.

Can There Be Too Much of a Good Thing?

Unfortunately, there can be some harmful effects to consuming too much omega-3. Some doctors recommend a maximum of 1000 mg.

Why is taking too much omega-3 dangerous? These fatty acids improve your circulation, but they can also make your blood too thin and decrease coagulation. In particular, if you’re preparing for a surgery, your doctors will advise you to stop taking any omega-3 supplements.


Is your omega-3 intake high enough? Your best bet is to ask a nutritionist or other professional. They will take your diet into account, and then find the right dosage for your problem.

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