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Is Your Job Making You Fat?


Occupational health has undergone significant developments in recent decades. Changes in employment and work organization, as well as in the processes of production of goods and services, have considerably widened the spectrum of risk factors present in the workplace. In this post, we are going to focus on the health hazards which may result in illness. Precisely, one of the most common health risks is obesity.

In my workplace, my fellow employees are either obese or overweight. Obesity is a health risk because it exposes an individual to a number of health complications and diseases. The most common are cardiovascular diseases, breathing complications, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Other risks posed by obesity are mobility problems and back pain, which may impede the employee’s ability to work.

But how?

Our workplaces contribute to the risk of developing obesity since most white collar jobs involve sitting throughout the day. The only movement during work is when workers head for coffee and during the lunch break. Elevators fitted in most workplaces discourage workers from taking  the stairs.

Can this health risks be avoided?

Training and exercise can help tackle the risk of obesity your workplace. Engaging in training programmes can beneficial to your members. These programs are meant to educate staff members on the need for healthy nutritional habits and the dangers of obesity.

The administration of the company can also initiate wellness programs that will encourage workers to exercise more and follow healthy dietary habits. The administration should also introduce new approaches to working, whereby, workers will have the ability to move around more. The organization can pass a health policy that will require workers to undergo regular medical checkup.

The management can also encourage workers to use lunch breaks for walks or to engage in exercises. Walk as much as possible and favor the stairs. If you have to go to the washrooms, prefer those on the third floor. Rather than sending an email to your colleague, go see him directly. You will already be spending a few calories.

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