How to Lose Weight If You Hate Vegetables

lose weight if you hate vegetables

Want to lose weight but hate vegetables? There are ways to get around the veggie requirement of most weight loss diet plans. But, it takes a lot of innovation and extra planning on your part. Here are some suggestions on how to lose weight if you hate vegetables.

Balancing Out the Vegetable Deficit

You can eliminate vegetables from your diet. But, you will have to replace it with something else. Sometimes a lot more of something else to make up the nutrients you lose from not eating vegetables.

There are some fruits that have similar nutrients as some vegetables. Find out which fruits can replace the vegetables you want to leave out.

Also think about increasing your non-fat or low-fat dairy, whole grain, and healthy fats consumption to replace your lost vegetables and minerals.

Hide the Veggies

Try hiding the veggies in different snacks and meals. Hide chopped spinach in your favorite pizza. Try a zucchini noodle for pasta. Eat oven baked veggie chips instead of potato chips.

You can even try putting your missing veggies in a juicer and adding your favorite fruit. The fruits can mask the vegetable taste. And you can get your entire daily serving in one glass.

There are different recipes to try that are healthy. Mix it up. Or try veggies you never tried before.

Stay Active

Remember to stay active. You may be consuming little more calories in the extra fruits or dairy portions you eat. To lose weight, try to keep in an energy deficit. An energy deficit means that you are burning more energy you are eating.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to lose weight if you hate vegetables, but it is a careful balancing act. Your body needs the vitamins and minerals in vegetables. If you don’t eat it in veggies, you need to get it from somewhere else. Don’t give up, though! Try different combinations that hide the veggies in your meals.

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