How to Get Rid of Your Cravings for Good

techniques to stop cravings

There are many jokes out there about cravings. Women craving chocolate and weird pregnancy cravings are examples. The truth is though anyone can experience this. In its raw form, it’s just a desire to consume something specific. The odd one here and there isn’t too bad, but giving in to too many cravings can lead to binge-eating. Below are some techniques to stop cravings from taking over.

Delay Them

Cravings come in short bursts. If you feel one coming on, tell yourself you’ll address it in 15 minutes. Once that rolls around, you should feel that the craving is either less intense or gone. Out of all the techniques to stop cravings, this one requires the most brain power as you need to stop yourself from thinking about the food. It can be very effective though.

Make a Snack Schedule

If you’re full, the thought of consuming more food is not appealing. Schedule some small snacks throughout your day. This will keep you full in a healthy way. It also helps you to be organized and to take things with you. By carrying your own snacks, you’re less likely to give in to a craving for McDonald’s when you walk past it.

Drink Ice Cold Water

Consuming water is something people do to trick themselves out of emotional eating. If you’re tempted to give in to a craving, drink a big glass of cold water. Let that settle for 20 minutes. In that time, your craving should disappear.

Eliminate the Supply

If you don’t have what you’re craving, you can’t give in to it. Eliminate soft drinks, ice creams and chocolate from your house. In this more modern world, it might also help to eliminate temptation by deleting food delivery apps and programs.

In Conclusion

If you give in to the odd chocolate craving here and there, you aren’t a bad person. It’s just when cravings start to control your life that it can get out of hand. If you find yourself on the more dramatic end of that scale, these techniques to stop cravings could change your life.

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