How Much Protein Do We Exactly Need?

how much protein

Protein is an important nutrient, but not many people know what it does. It’s responsible for the production of a lot of things in our bodies. It makes our hair, connective tissues, antibodies and enzymes. But how much protein do we actually need?

It’s Less Than You Think

This may surprise some, but the amount of protein our body needs is quite low. It works out to 0.8g of protein per kg of body weight a day. To put that into perspective, take someone who weighs 65kg as an example. That person would require just 52g of protein a day.

That example is for the average person. If you are considering someone who is an athlete, they’re generally advised to raise the amount to 1.2g per kilogram. If they are a hardcore endurance athlete, it’s recommended they raise it to at least 1.4g per kilogram.

What If We Eat More?

If you are consuming foods that contain high levels of protein, it can be entirely possible to consume your daily recommended amount in one meal. Since how much protein we need is quite low, it’s easy to go over. That’s why it’s important to monitor what you eat, because too much protein can have some side effects.

The most common one is weight gain. If you fuel your body with more protein than you can burn, those extra calories have to go somewhere. It may just go to your waist line.

Your calcium levels may drop too. By increasing your protein levels, it forces your body to release more calcium into your urine. This drops your overall calcium levels, which can affect your bone health in the long run.

You may also become dehydrated since it’s harder for your body to break down protein. Your body uses more water to break down protein than any other food, so this can leave you feeling dehydrated.

In Conclusion

Protein is obviously essential. It can do really important things to our body. However, it’s just as important to know how much protein we need for our body to reach optimum function.

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