How a Low-Purine Diet Can Help You

low-purine diet

The number of diets out there can get overwhelming. It seems like there’s a new one each month. A low-purine diet may not be the newest one but it has some amazing benefits. Purine is the base of our DNA, but it’s also something that can break down into uric acid in our bodies. Since uric acid can wreak havoc on our bodies, this diet could really help you.

How Does It Help?

If you’re eating a diet that contains high amounts of purine, it’s likely that your kidneys are not breaking it down properly. Eating purine produces uric acid. When you don’t flush all of that uric acid through your kidneys, it can either cause kidney stones or leave sharp crystal-like deposits in your joints. The deposits lead to a condition known as gout, which is a form of arthritis. Ask anyone that’s had gout before, once you’ve had it you never want it again. The pain it causes is unbelievable. It leads to all kinds of inflammation too which isn’t fun.

Will a Low-Purine Diet Prevent It?

By following a low-purine diet, you are less likely to ever have to suffer from this. All foods contain purine, which means you’ll never be able to eliminate it completely. You can, however, stick to foods that are low in it.

The best low-purine foods include eggs, peanut butter, potatoes, and fat-free dairy products. Some foods to avoid are game meat, beer, yeast products, and any food that’s high in fat. These are high in purine and can lead to the complications mentioned above.

In Conclusion

While you may not have previously suffered from gout or kidney stones, most people have a basic idea of how painful they are. By following a low-purine diet, you are reducing your risks of getting them.

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