Health in a Bottle – What Is The Best Kind of Water For You?

the best kind of water

If you want to avoid tap water for some reason, there is a wide selection of bottled water you can choose from. But what is the best kind of water for your health?

Distilled Water

This is water in its purest form. It is vaporized and collected, which rids it of any contaminants. However, this process also removes the minerals you can find in natural water sources.

It is the best kind of water for short detox sessions. But you should absolutely avoid only drinking distilled water, as it would cause mineral deficiency.

Alkaline Water

This water has a pH between 8 and 10. It is ionized from tap water.

Unfortunately, the filtration systems that create alkaline water sometimes contain traces of harmful materials. Alkaline water is thus a controversial topic in the science world.

It can certainly have good effects if you use it for a short while, as it neutralizes excess acidity in your body. But it is better to avoid using it long-term.

Mineral Water

Mineral water contains significant levels of magnesium and calcium ions. It usually comes with high levels of other kinds of ions, too. Sparkling mineral water contains carbon dioxide as well.

Calcium increases the health of your bones. Magnesium is good for blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and it also helps synthesize proteins and improve nerve function.

Drinking mineral water can preserve your health. However, you cannot rely on it exclusively.

Experts recommend that you vary the types of mineral water that you use. After all, you want to achieve a balanced intake of minerals. For example, too much calcium may increase the risk of kidney stones, and can also cause constipation.


Distilled and alkaline water are good for detoxification. Mineral water is the best kind of water for improving your body’s magnesium and calcium content, and it has many other benefits. In the long run, it is best to combine distilled water with various kinds of mineral water.


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