Have You Been Keeping Track of Your Goals?

Loosing weight is hard work, and hard work has it’s best results when it’s planned. It’s difficult to get something done well without a plan, whether at work, at home, or when it’s something personal.


That being said, here is a tip to help you achieve your goal of having a flat belly (among other goals): keep a journal.

Yes, that’s right. Sounds simple, right? Well, here’s something that will make it simpler and more efficient. Have you ever heard of bullet journaling? Bullet Journaling, or BuJo, is a great way to keep yourself organized. In it, you can do everything from keeping track of what you eat every day to scheduling events. The best part is that you keep everything in a single, easy to carry a notebook.

Of course, nowadays there’s an app for everything, but a bullet journal just gives it a personal touch, plus it’s easier to remember things that you write down on paper, and there’s that feeling of nostalgia behind it when things were simpler.

Personally, I carry one myself. I log my to do list as things come, notes on something I’d like to remember later, appointments, and even a log of my weight and exercise. I even write weekly goals at the start of every week. I couple that with my phone, but that’s not really required. I keep it all organized in a nice notebook and write on in with a fountain pen that I inherited from my dad. You see? Personal touch and feeling of nostalgia. But, does it work? As a person that uses one, I can tell you it does.


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