Getting on the Mediterranean Diet: Basics and Health Benefits

Mediterranean diet

When thinking ‘Mediterranean,’ thoughts of beaches and olives and beautiful people spring to mind. With this in mind, and the fact that a Mediterranean diet exists, you can imagine it’s the kind of diet that would more than likely draw a large crowd.

But What Is It?

In its basic form, it’s a way of living with food that the 16 countries that border the Mediterranean have enjoyed for countless years. The diet is centered around fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, olives and olive oil. All of these are products that Mediterranean residents either produce themselves or buy from other locals. Freshness is key, and beautiful produce is a must. It’s not just a gimmicky diet, to be read about in a gossip tabloid. This really is the way that those in the Mediterranean live their lives. It sounds quite simple, but that’s because it is.

What Are the Health Benefits

Sticking to the Mediterranean diet can improve your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This is most likely due to the foods being mostly made up of monounsaturated fats. Scientists believe that this is an important nutrient for preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s and mild cognitive impairment. It also assists with heart health, and this is backed up by scientific observations of those who live on the Mediterranean diet showing less signs of heart disease than the average American.


While this diet is not fully proven from a scientific standpoint, it can also be noted that death rates are lower in the Mediterranean than America. With its simple guidelines, this diet could be the answer for those out there struggling with overly complicated diets. In addition, as demonstrated by the locals who live it, this is not a fad diet. When used correctly, it becomes a way of life that shall prove easy to maintain.

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