Fiber Can Help You Lose Weight: Here’s How to Get More

In a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers hint that fiber could be the one thing separating you from diet hell and diet success. By simply eating 30 grams of fiber every day, people lost more weight and saw improved markers of health (such as lower blood pressure) faster than simply going on a diet. If you want to get more fiber in your day to day life and see the results when you step on a bathroom scale, here’s how.

1. Pick Whole Over Refined

Throughout your day, you’ll be given multiple choices.

Whole grain or white bread? Brown rice or white rice? Etc.

Whenever you have the opportunity, always opt for the whole-grain version of your foods. Refined grains are stripped of most of their nutrients, and their whole grain counterparts retain these nutrients while also retaining far more fiber.

2. Add Fresh Fruit to Meals

It’s a sneaky way to get more wellness-boosting antioxidants and add an extra dose of fiber.

Almost any meal could benefit from a sweet burst of fruity flavor. Think berries on your cereal. Orange slices on your lunch salad. Roasted peaches or nectarines for an after-dinner dessert.

Some of the best fruits for fiber include pears, prunes, berries, apples, and oranges.

3. Always Carry High-Fiber Snacks

When mid-day hunger strikes, most snacks are full of empty calories that don’t truly satisfy your hunger and leave you hungry again in an hour or two. Fiber is very filling and can keep cravings at bay until dinnertime.

Be prepared, so junk food does not tempt you. Pack high-fiber snacks with you, such as granola bars, homemade trail mix or a bag of carrot sticks.

By incorporating just these three simple steps (choosing the right grains, bringing snacks and adding fruit to each meal), you’ll double or even triple your current fiber intake and see the results in your hunger, your sense of fullness, and your weight.

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