Can’t Reach a Caloric Deficit? Your Coffee Could Be the Culprit

hidden calories of coffee

Having problems hitting that sweet spot in your diet? If you can’t reach that caloric deficit point in your diet. It may be because of that liquid gold you drink every morning. That’s right, the hidden calories of coffee may be keeping you from your weight potential.

How Coffee Drinks Add to Your Waistline

Coffee aficionados around the world swear by their morning cup of coffee. And afternoon pick-me-up cup. And possibly your after-dinner dessert cup. These cups of coffee are doing more than giving you your shot of caffeine. Depending on what you put in it, it may also be holding you back from weight loss.

Your average medium latte with whole milk contains 265 calories. This number goes up with whipped cream and flavored syrups. These are also empty calories. Despite the health benefits of coffee, itself, the added items effectively cancel out any benefits.

Blended coffee drinks are worse on the calorie spectrum. Researchers have found that on average, one blended coffee costs about 12% of a 2,300kcal diet. Multiplied by the number of times you stop in at your favorite coffee chain, and you can see the problem.

Experts say that people who drink their coffee black, without adding cream, sugar, or any other additives, drink about 69 fewer calories. Most of those missing extra calories come from sugar and fat.

If you absolutely cannot give up your coffee, try making it a low-calorie version.

Changing Up Your Coffee Routine

The first rule of thumb is a definite “no” to flavored syrups and whipped cream. They are more for flavor than nutrients. And add extra fat and calories to your drink. Drink your coffee black, or if you really need it, with fat-free milk and artificial sweetener. And lastly, choose the smallest size possible. It will still do the trick without the extra added calories.

Final Thoughts

Realize that if you decide to drink coffee, there will be calories involved. But they don’t have to be caloric black holes. Minimize the real the hidden calories of coffee and take back your diet plan.


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