Can Weight Loss Be Uneven?

uneven weight loss

Say the words ‘uneven weight loss’ and some crazy stuff springs to mind. Specifically, a lop-sided creature from a horror movie. It’s a little less dramatic than that though in real life.

When people lose weight, it can affect their body differently. Some people shrink right down and some people retain excess skin. In some people, the change that they see is their body becoming less than symmetrical. This is what we mean by uneven weight loss.

Is This a Real Thing?

Uneven weight loss is a real thing, but it’s not something to be too concerned by. When we work out, the body will seek to burn off its stockpile of fat. The fact that everyone carries their fat differently is what leads to this uneven weight loss.

If you have big hips, you may notice that to be the first area to decrease on you, while the rest of your body remains the same. That’s because the fat deposits there would be the first to be burnt.

Can I Correct It?

Uneven weight loss is not a permanent thing, so don’t freak out. You just need to realize which parts of your body will need an extra push to lose its fat deposit. This can help you to even it all out and strengthen your body in the process.

Here’s the good news. Research has shown that intermittent sprinting can help you to lose weight more evenly. It is particularly helpful to those who consider themselves ‘bottom heavy.’

In Conclusion

It might rock your confidence levels for a while, but it’s likely that your uneven weight loss is not as visible to others as it is to yourself. Don’t let it make you deviate from your health path, as it’s something that is easy to correct.

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