Can Grapefruit Really Help You Lose Weight?

grapefruit can help with weight loss

The grapefruit diet has been around for years. It is a dieter’s staple. Is there research that supports that grapefruit can help with weight loss or is it another dieting fad?

Grapefruit: A Dieter’s Secret Weapon?

The grapefruit diet, also called the “Hollywood Diet,” was popular in the 1930s. The premise is that if you eat a half of a grapefruit prior to meals, it will help you lose weight. Studies support the claims that grapefruit helps with weight loss.

In a separate study, researchers found an interesting correlation between grapefruit juice and weight loss. In an experiment with mice, one group was given water, and another was given grapefruit juice. The group given the grapefruit juice experienced weight loss. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact component that causes weight loss. Potential future research is promising.

Until the exact component is found, we can say that weight loss from eating grapefruit is also based on a low energy dense food consumption before eating a meal. Low energy dense foods are high in water content and low in calories. If you eat this type of food about 20 minutes before you eat a meal, it will make you feel a little fuller. And, you will eat less during the meal.

Whether there is a secret chemical that researchers have not found yet, or feeling fuller after eating a high-water content food, grapefruit can help with weight loss.

Final Thoughts

Even though scientists have not been able to pinpoint exactly what it is, studies are positive that grapefruit can help with weight loss. If you are concerned about losing weight, add a half a grapefruit before your low-calorie meal. It will help you reach your weight loss goals.

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