Can Fiber Help You Lose Weight?


Fiber is something you can find in vegetables. It’s super important to include it in your diet, as it will help maintain your digestive system to keep it in top shape. You’ve heard about fiber many times, but can it help you keep weight off? Read the facts!


Fiber and weight loss

Adding more fiber to your diet can help you maintain and even lose weight. Eating foods with fiber takes longer (all that chewing) and also slows down the speed at which your stomach is emptied, keeping you satisfied for longer and ultimately helps in eating less and losing weight. In fact, a study showed that people who ate more fiber were less likely to gain weight or fat than those who consumed less fiber.

Fiber and abdominal fat

Fiber is particularly good at helping people lose, or at least not gain, abdominal fat. A study publishe in the Journal of Nutrition showed that people who consumed fiber from cereals and whole grains had less abdominal fat than those who did not consume fiber. So, here the recommendation is to switch products that are made with refined grains and eat products with whole grains.

Constipation and bloating

Your stomach will not look flat if you’re bloated or constipated. If you add a lot of fiber to your diet too quickly to you diet can cause these symptoms. Instead, gradually increase the amount of fiber you eat. Women should eat 21 to 25 grams of fiber per day and men should eat 30 to 38 grams.


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